About this survey

Developed in 2018 by Youthlink Scotland and the Youth Work Training Forum, the National Youth Work Induction Checklist was created by the youth work sector to establish a minimum induction standard for youth work staff and volunteers across Scotland.

The checklist provides staff and volunteers with the same level of induction training where ever they practice so that induction is transferable across organisations and locations.

The aims of this survey are to check that the original topics identified in the induction checklist are still fit for purpose, and to identify gaps and any other topic areas that will enable staff and volunteers to better respond to current and emerging youth work priorities.

We are looking for one response per organisation. Please do take a some time to share your experiences of using the Induction Checklist and your views on what should be included to be an appropriate and effective induction in 2023 and beyond.

The deadline for responses is 24th November 2023.

YouthLink Scotland and the Youth Work Training and Workforce Development Forum will review the responses and use your feedback to inform an update to the Induction Checklist.

If you would like to discuss anything please get in touch with Liz Green, Workforce and Practice Manager lgreen@youthlink.scot

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