Informal community feedback form

Hyndburn Borough Council understand the impact the recent liquidation of Hyndburn Arts LTD (operators of Civic Centre) has had on the local community. 

This historic building is a cherished part of local heritage and culture.

Feedback from the community will help determine the future purpose of the building. 

We want to hear from you.

This could be sharing what activity you enjoyed in previous years that should continue, or innovative ideas for new uses in the future. 

Please take part in the survey to ensure your thoughts are documented. 

Note: Currently this building is in the control of the liquidators and they will follow due legal process. The Council does not control the liquidation process, and this may take several months to complete. The condition of the building will need to be fully understood as this will be crucial to any potential future operator. The Council will provide updates on progress when available. 

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* 1. What positive memories or activity do you associate with Oswaldtwistle Civic Centre and Theatre? 

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* 2. In the last 12 months how often did you visit/attend Oswaldtwistle Civic Centre and Theatre? 

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* 3. If you would like the purpose of this building to remain the same (Arts and Theatre Centre) what improvements would you make for the future?

Specifically to increase visitors or increase accessibility for a wider community audience. 

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* 4. How would you like to see this building used in the future?

Please select all that apply

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* 5. Are there any specific organisations or groups that you believe could benefit from the space? Either as operators of the building or for regular use of the facility. 

Please state the name of the group/organisation and briefly what they offer

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* 6. Have you got something to add that we have not asked about?

Please use this space to share any additional thoughts - specifically about the future purpose of the building.