The CyberUp Campaign is conducting a survey to better understand how the UK’s Computer Misuse Act 1990 impacts cyber security researchers, professionals and businesses in the UK.
We estimate the survey to take no longer than 15 minutes.
This work will be used to gain insights into the real impact of UK cybercrime legislation on undertaking cyber defensive activities domestically and its effect on the growth and investment of the UK’s cyber security sector. This will help us build an evidence base to inform the final stages of the Home Office consultation on reforming the Computer Misuse Act and to shape future government policy in this area. We expect a final ministerial decision on the need for further reform in early October. 
Given the sensitivity of some of the information you may provide, we will anonymise all of the results and any quotes attributed here in preparing the report.
We will ask you to record whether you would be happy to be contacted by the CyberUp Campaign as we may be in touch to ask about attributing a name to your quote or to ask for more information.
Depending on whether you are responding as an individual or organisation, or whether you specialise in threat intelligence or security vulnerability research, you will be directed to different questions throughout the survey.