Take part in research to tell us your views about a new public health campaign and if you are selected you will receive a £20 shopping voucher

We are carrying out research to understand what people think about a new public health campaign about gambling and betting.
If you are selected for the research, you will receive a £20 shopping voucher for your participation.

In order to express an interest in taking part in this research, please read through the information here and fill in the 2-minute questionnaire below. This short questionnaire will ask you some questions about whether you or someone you know sometimes places bets or gambles. This will help us to select a range of people to take part in the research study.

If you are selected to take part, we will contact you and invite you take part in a virtual discussion group about the new campaign.

You can ask any questions before filling in this questionnaire by contacting the researchers Mirela - mirela@wearemagpie.com or Grainne - grainne@wearemagpie.com. Taking part is entirely voluntary.

What will happen with my data? We will collect your contact information (name, email and/or contact number) so that we can invite you to participate (if selected). All identifiable information will be kept confidential, only accessible to the researchers, and will be permanently deleted from our database once the research is finished, no later than 29th February 2024.

Thank you for your interest in this research.