Firstly, thank you for your participation!

PA Training is researching the views of current and incoming journalists about mis/disinformation, and would like to incorporate as many diverse perspectives as possible. We are particularly interested in how journalists are responding to, reporting, and verifying and fact-checking mis/disinformation. 

The purpose of this survey is to guide the development of specialised mis/disinformation training for UK journalists and/or students interested in journalism. 

Your Data 
Your responses to the survey are anonymous, and will not be attributable to you or your newsroom. We will not be sharing personal information about you to anyone outside of the PA Training team. Any personal information that we collect about you from this research project will be kept private. We will store all survey data in compliance with PA Media Group’s privacy policy for one year. 

We will share our analysis of the survey data and observations or insights from the information we gather with people outside of PA Media. This may be for external presentations, in blog posts or in public reports that explain the research findings. Nothing in the survey that you tell us will be attributed to you by name or your organisation.

This survey should take you about 15 minutes.

Question Title

If you have any questions, or would like to know more information about how your survey data is stored please email Agniete Pocyte at