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This form is to give your overall feedback on the BDA’s draft Strategic Plan. We want as many members as possible to fill this in. If you have more detailed feedback to provide that you feel needs more space than this survey can give you, please attend one of our webinars (more details will be on our website soon) or contact your specialist group or branch, which can share feedback with us on your behalf.

Before filling this in please read the Executive Summary, full Strategic Plan or watch the videos outlining each section of the Plan.

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* 1. Are you a

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* 2. Do you feel represented in this strategy?

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* 3. Does it meet your professional needs over the next 3-10 years?

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* 4. Will it make a difference to you, the profession and food and nutrition as a whole in the next 3-10 years?

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* 5. Do you agree with our vision, values and core purpose?

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* 6. Do you agree with each of the five pillars and four cornerstones? 
Please see these listed further below for reference.

Pillar 1 - Developing a Sustainable Workforce

Pillar 2 - Education and Research

Pillar 3 - Supporting our Members Individually and Collectively

Pillar 4 - Increasing our Voice and Visibility

Pillar 5 - Growing our Membership Community

Cornerstone 1 – A Diverse and Inclusive Profession

Cornerstone 2 – Having a Positive Impact on the Planet

Cornerstone 3 – Excellence Behind the Scenes

Cornerstone 4 – Delivering in Each Nation

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* 7. Is there anything missing?

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