Following from the consensus meeting on Friday February 24th, there are three medicines that require additional consultation:
  • Morphine for infants
  • Dinoprostone for infants
  • Clonidine for all patients
It was decided that an additional short survey offering binary choices (yes or no) only would be the most appropriate method to determine whether or not consensus could be reached.

Therefore in this survey you will be presented with the following information:
  1. The concentrations for a given scenario.
  2. The fluid load (in ml/kg/day) at a range of clinically relevant doses
  3. A mandatory choice of ONE concentration, or a yes/no response.
No fluid calculator is required.  We are asking you express whether you would be happy to use a concentration or range of concentrations in your practice.  Where a solution is not infusable at a given dose or concentration (an infusion rate of <0.1ml/hr or 2.4ml/day) this will be expressed as "NI"