About this survey – and your rights

This survey is from Healthwatch Bristol.  We would like you to spare a few minutes to tell us how COVID-19 has been affecting your health and social care at home.

Your response will be used to help service providers to know what is working well and what is not, so they can tackle issues that matter most.

Healthwatch is an independent champion for people using health and social care.  Our Workplan 2020 priority is to improve care at home.  Now, since COVID-19, it is even more important that we understand how your needs are being met. 

Your experiences can help to shape and improve social care at home and to ensure families and carers have greater peace of mind.  The report from this survey will be made public and sent to those who commission or provide services.

Bristol Healthwatch have a seat on the Health and Wellbeing Board, and we are also part of Healthier Together Transformation and Sustainability Partnership.  Find more about us at healthwatchbristol.co.uk.
Consent and Confidentiality
  • This survey is confidential and anonymous. We do not publish any personal information (e.g. names, address etc.).  We will only use your email address (if included) for a follow-up question at a later date, should you consent. 
  • The information you give is collected by Healthwatch Bristol using either a paper survey or an online survey at SurveyMonkey. 
  • We collect and keep paper and digital records securely and lawfully only for as long as permitted. 
  • The surveys are only used for the purpose of this project. 
  • Comments you make may be used in a report (though any comments that could make it possible for someone else to identify you, will not be used).
  • The information will be shared in order that we can carry out our authorised work to ‘find out what matters to people and help make sure their views shape the support they need.’ 
  • Your comments are passed on to people who commission, provide and plan health and social care services.
Deadline for survey  1st June 2020 at 17:00