How is your business recovering from the pandemic?
Is hybrid or flexible working going well for your business?
How can you be more resilient?
You are invited to take part in the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Research Project 'Rising Like a Phoenix' - please complete this 10 min online business survey. 
Our university team is dedicated to giving voice to business owners and their employees, understanding business performance, and sharing results with policy makers.
For any questions, you can e-mail the Project Research Fellow Dr. Alina Petrescu via
All businesses can take part in this survey, which currently remains open to allow for further data collection.

When replying please refer to your most recent business-owner or manager role.

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This is a 10-min survey aimed at understanding how better business practice can help us all.
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It is all full anonymised. There is no personal data collected in this survey.
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