This survey is designed to gather information about some of the commonalities and differences in Prevention+ project design and approach, across the Prevention+ implementation sites. It is structured to ask questions relating to the five elements of good practice programme design outlined below and described in more detail during the ‘kick-off’ webinar. You can watch a short video describing the the five elements of good practice programme design here.

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The survey will take you approximately 30-45 minutes to complete! If you feel that you are unable to answer any of the questions, just skip ahead, or perhaps discuss the question with a colleague, or group of colleagues who are better placed to answer and who might have an opinion, if you don’t!

You can respond to this survey even if you are not directly involved with the implementation of the project, but are aware of some aspects we ask about. You just need to identify which P+ project you are referring to!

There is not a RIGHT or WRONG answer to any of the questions, we are just interested in the approach that the project has taken and the rationale (if any) for it.

Thanks for your support!
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