Listings info for the Non School Nottingham blog...

... so that new people can easily get an overview of local stuff.

What goes into this form doesn't instantly get posted anywhere online.  It's just a handy way of gathering event details in one place. 

You can also email photos or logos to:

See for examples of how your event could be shown. This site is one of the top results on Google for searching "home education nottingham".

Telling us about your event can...
- help new home edders to find out what's available locally, what might suit their child, and how the various things could fit into their possible schedule.
- help possible-future-home-edders to get a reassuring/exciting sense of what's possible!
- potentially save you a bit of bother if you want to repeat the same announcement on multiple email lists or Facebook groups. (Your photo or logo can be set to pop up automatically as the picture shown on Facebook or Twitter when someone links to the page.)
- reach some people who aren't on the same lists or FB groups as you are yourself, & might not have heard about your event.
- be a handy reference for when one person mentions the event to another. E.g. two people chatting at an event might pull up the page on a phone, and bookmark it then and there.

The same info could also be seen by any random person if they happened to be looking.  So you can make your own choice about how much detail to share, versus how much detail you want people to contact you directly for.  (You can look back along the blog to see what other people chose.)

OK, so here's where you start putting in the info...

Question Title

* 1. Name of the event you're telling us about, and link to its web page if it has one.

(With all these boxes, you should find you can click and drag the bottom right hand corner of the box to make it bigger, if you need more space to see what you've written.)

Question Title

* 2. Your own name & email address, in case we need to ask any follow-up questions about the event.  Won't be shown in public unless you choose that option in the next question.

Question Title

* 3. Who's organising the event / the meetup, and how can people find out more?

Question Title

* 4. What's the official age range, or age guidance, or skills level?
If parents are welcome to join in, please say that too.
(It doesn't have to be an age - for example, with the climbing group, children are ready to join when they can wait for their turn and follow safety instructions.)

Is there wiggle room in the age range(s) - e.g. to allow siblings to be in the same group, or just because a particular group might suit an individual child?  Or is it a strict limit, e.g. because of insurance?

If the theoretical age range is wider than the current real age range of the group, approximately what's the current age range of the group?
(e.g. if the official age range is 5 plus and in reality it's only 5 to 12 at the moment.)

Question Title

* 5. Time and date:
Either the full details, or at least something like "Two-hour session, Monday afternoons during termtime", or "once a month throughout the year, start in the morning and go home when everyone's had enough"

Question Title

* 6. Location:

- If your listing would include the actual venue, please let us have its full address and postcode.  Feel free to add tips for finding it!

- If you're not giving an exact location, please say an approx area (e.g. "Nottingham city centre", "Sneinton area of Nottingham")

- If the location varies, give a summary and/or examples (e.g. "various parks, usually across the west of the city and out into Derbyshire").

Question Title

* 7. Money arrangements &/or pre-booking:

Question Title

* 8. Public transport & parking:

What's the nearest bus stop?  It will have a name and a unique reference number.  Just the name is enough.

What bus routes call at the stop?

What's the nearest train station?

If it's on a tram route, what's the nearest tram stop?  and which route?

What parking is available at the venue, and on surrounding streets? 

If people are likely to have to use meters or a paid car park, what are the parking charges?

(Yes, these details can be a faff to find out... which is why it makes sense for organisers to do it once and include it, rather than each visitor having to find out separately.  It does go a long way towards making the event seem welcoming!)

If your listing won't show the actual venue details, please at least say whether there is a nearby bus route &/or on-site parking.

Question Title

* 9. Description. This isn't about where or when, but about what happens when people get there.

(If there's already a description on the event web site, feel free to link to the relevant page instead, rather than rewriting it here.)

Imagine a parent who's not been before, trying to get a sense of whether their own child will enjoy this activity.

Imagine someone completely new to home ed, or on the net late at night and just discovering with a sigh of relief that home ed exists... and try to give them the flavour of what goes on.

If it's being organised by a home ed parent (or a group of parents), this is a good place to say so - as someone often asks that question if the organiser name isn't someone they know. If not, it can help to introduce yourself and say why you're offering this event to home ed families (or why you think we'd want to mention it on the blog).

Question Title

* 10. Disability access:

Is there a wheelchair-friendly toilet? Can you give any other info about the buildings, toilets, pathways etc related to this event? 

Can you give any info about how suitable it would be for a child (or parent) with autism or a learning disability?

Or anything else about access.

Thanks for telling us about your event!