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Please complete the survey with as much detail as possible

The school is collecting responses from the households of our young people regarding the impact of COVID and lockdown.

All information entered in the survey is anonymous.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Mr Moore via the school office.

If you wish to contact our charity regarding the survey or any issues as a result of COVID and lockdown, please do so using the contact form on

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* 1. During lockdown:

  Very difficult Difficult Neutral Positive Very positive
Overall, how did your child find coping with the changes during lock down?
Overall, how did you and others in your household (but not your child) find coping with the changes during lockdown?

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* 2. Have you or anyone in your household experience any of the following as a result of lockdown / COVID?

  Yes No Prefer not to say
Being put on furlough
Having hours at work reduced
Loss of employment
Depression like symptoms (lack of motivation, no desire to get up in the morning etc...)
Other negative impact on mental health (increased anxiety, stress, worry etc...)
Poorer lifestyle choices (increased junk food / alcohol consumption, sleeping too much or too little etc...)
Strain or breakdown of relationships
Worry about the future
Difficulties meeting medical needs (cancelled operations or procedures, challenges collecting prescriptions etc...)

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* 3. How do you feel about your child now being back at school?

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* 4. If the school had to close again, would you require help with any of the following to enable your child to learn online? (please select all that apply)

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* 5. Is there anything we as a school or charity could do to support our young people and their families during COVID?

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* 6. This survey is confidential but the Friends of Sanderson's mission is to help our pupils in school, at home and in the community.

If you feel that we could assist you, your child or your family personally - please contact us in confidence using the contact form on our website:

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