Interreg FLAVOUR

You are being contacted as a Project Partner or Observer Partner of the Interreg FLAVOUR Project or a relevant external partner - an initiative/organisation that does not form part of the Project but is working within a food (surplus) sector and might offer best practices.

This survey is an opportunity for us to identify good practices in coaching and training of target employees (such as persons far from the labour market, job seekers, volunteers, mentally disabled persons, …) in the food (surplus) sector handling, processing (for human consumption), and distribution/sorting; and to share and identify behaviours, skills, competencies and experience of training and coaching people far from the labour market to be employed/self-employed in the food (surplus) sector and other sectors.

Definitions: For purposes of this survey

Target employees: people far from the labour market, including (but not restricted to) job seekers, volunteers, those with physical and/or mental disabilities, etc.

Collection - collect food from farmer/ retailer / manufacturer etc and transport to FDC.

Distribution - logging and sorting food for storage or onward re-distribution to recipient projects, who then sort and re-distribute to their beneficiaries.

Processing – using surplus food to create meals for vulnerable people and / or to turn into new products

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