Supporting School-based Teacher Educator Development

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Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the International Forum for Teacher Educator Development (InFo-TED) we are conducting an international survey on the professional learning needs of school-based teacher educators. We use the term 'teacher educator' to include all who are professionally engaged in the initial and ongoing education, training, mentoring and professional development of teachers (from student teacher to experienced colleague).  We also recognise that many teachers in schools offer support to student teachers and qualified staff and we include this work when we use the term 'school-based teacher educator' (even if that work represents a tiny part of the work they do as teachers).  Terms also vary in different countries and we therefore include, for example, school-based mentors, tutors, supervisors, coaches and trainers within our very broad definition of 'school-based teacher educator'.    

InFo-TED is an international professional network of teacher educators involved in teacher education research, policy and practice. The information we collect will be used to provide a platform to support the development of all teacher educators (including those working in schools, universities, colleges, etc). Your opinions are extremely important to us and will help InFo-TED in supporting the future work of all teacher educators. Whether you are a newly appointed member of staff or an experienced colleague we would like to hear your views on what you consider to be effective professional learning for school-based teacher educators.

Please help us by completing this questionnaire which should only take about 15 minutes to complete. There is also an option for you to volunteer to take part in follow up interviews if you would like to participate further in this important research. This study has been granted ethical approval by the University of East London's Research Ethics Committee.

Please contact Gerry Czerniawski ( if you have any questions in relation to this survey. If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of this study please contact Catherine Hitchens -

We thank you for your time and effort in completing this questionnaire.