Churches Together in Cornwall
Becoming Better Together - the next 10 years

Churches Together in Cornwall is seeking your views

Churches Together in Cornwall is celebrating the work for Christian unity of the last 10 years, and looking forward to planning for the future. We would very much value your contribution which will help us to continue growing together.
On Saturday 27th January 2024 we are holding an event at St Petroc's Church, Bodmin to re-dedicate Churches Together in Cornwall for the next 10 years of working for Christian unity. We hope you will be able to attend this 'Becoming Better Together' event so we can inspire unity and share our gifts throughout Cornwall. More information will be published during 2023.
Your contribution to this survey will help us to plan and prioritise, so together we can be a visible sign of unity, as we seek to respond to Jesus' prayer that we may all be one. Please answer the questions below and add anything else in the optional free text boxes. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete and your answers will be greatly valued. All answers are anonymous and no personal information is saved unless you give us permission to contact you for a follow up discussion. Thank you.
1.Are you completing this survey as an individual or Church group or Churches Together group? (Please feel free to complete this survey more than once if you are responding in more than one of the categories)
2.Thinking about your experience or understanding of Churches Together in Cornwall please respond to the following statement:
 I/we have a good knowledge of the work of Churches Together in Cornwall
3.Churches Together in Cornwall has been helpful to me/my group
4.It is easy to find information about Church and Christian unity events and initiatives in Cornwall through the Churches Together in Cornwall website and newsletters
5.Making personal contact with the Churches Together in Cornwall Co-ordinator (formerly Missioner) has been helpful
6.Churches Together in Cornwall events, meetings or online presentations (for example during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and Thy Kingdom Come) have been helpful ways of learning about others from different Christian traditions.
7.Looking ahead to the next 10 years – please tell us how you would like Churches Together in Cornwall to develop.

- How important is it that Church leaders make a commitment to work together?
8.How important is it for Christians to work together on social action projects in the community as a witness of unity and service
9.I/We would like more  worship events, courses or meetings, online or face to face, to learn about other Christian denominations, their practices and beliefs
10.Please use the box below for anything else you would like to tell us. If you would be prepared to be contacted by Churches Together in Cornwall we would be delighted to have a follow up conversation with you. Just include your contact details in the box below or e mail Kathy Pope Thank you very much for completing this survey.
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