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Thank you for choosing RealPrep to support your personal and professional growth.

By engaging in this work, you have demonstrated your own belief and conviction that 'how ever good you get, you know that you can always get better'. You recognise that 'Every Leadership interaction counts' - and you had the courage and determination to practice your interactions with us to sharpen your skills and to fully prepare.

We sincerely trust that our process and approach equipped you and prepared you appropriately for the real event. We also trust that this experiential learning will provide a lasting impact that can be applied to other future scenarios.

We aim to be the most effective and engaging mechanism to enhance leadership performance and we will now value your candid and constructive feedback.

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* 1. When I reflect on my initial expectations of the 'RealPrep' - my actual experience...

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* 2. The reason that I signed up for this opportunity was...

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* 3. Please provide further comments on your thoughts and feeling before engaging in this work

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