Bristol SU is taking part in the Student Mental Health Partnerships Project to improve students' experience of accessing support and to help us understand the co-ordination of care offered by universities and local NHS services.

We want to hear from students that have experience of accessing support from the University of Bristol and the NHS so that we can understand pathways to accessing care. Filling out this survey will help us ensure that we are hearing from a variety of student voices that reflect the diversity of experience within the student body.

This research will involve 1 x 1 hour interview about your experiences. The interviewer will be a fellow University of Bristol Student and the interviews will take place over zoom from the week commencing 7th June.

To find out more about this project, please visit the Bristol Students' Union website here

If you feel you are in a vulnerable position, please reach out to us. University support is available to you at

After you have completed this survey, we will contact you with further information about the research, including the questions we will be asking and a consent form for you to sign.