The current vulnerability scoring system is argued to be un-tuned to ICS, the thinking being that the impact is not correctly weighted, and some factors are missing. If you feel that the scoring is dubious, you are not alone! Even NIST and ICS-CERT, the two main organizations for disclosing and rating vulnerabilities, are sometimes not aligned.

In this survey, Radiflow would like your help in rating a few sample scenarios that represent the various aspects that can impact holistic scoring that are currently not considered.

 We will send you the full survey analysis report before that will give you the insight needed to create a more comprehensive approach to scoring and most importantly, your results and how you compare to your peers!

The survey won't take more than 5 minutes, but will provide you with invaluable results! You will also be automatically entered into our draw to win a $200 Amazon voucher.

Let's get going!

The Radiflow Team