"GDF's Heroes"  A colouring book for children to promote a deep nuclear dump.

Nuclear Waste Services and Copeland Borough Council are "working in partnership" to promote a Geological Disposal Facility for the burial of heat generating nuclear wastes underneath Cumbria, the Irish Sea is also in the frame.   This has meant lots of literature produced by the Partnership for public events (funded by the taxpayer) saying that a Geological Disposal Facility is "the right thing to do."    The literature also targets children with atrractive colourful characters such as Radioactive Ray:  "Hi, I'm radioactive Ray and I'm a nice kid, really.  I just need a long time to cool off underground."

Question Title

* 1. Should the Geological Disposal Facility Partnerships of Copeland Borough Council and Nuclear Waste Services be targetting children with "GDF's Heroes" colouring books?

Question Title

* 2. Should the "GDF's Heroes" booklets, colouring book and stickers be removed from the literature used by the GDF Partnerships (Mid and South Copeland)?