Your experiences

We would like to know your views about four areas:
1) participating in the national QIP(s)
2) the online portal
3) the report
4) quality improvement resources.

We will use your feedback to make improvements to the next round.  All questions are optional.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your views.

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* 1. Your details (completing this section is optional)

Firstly, we would like to know about your experiences taking part in the national QIP(s).

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* 2. What QIP(s) would you like to feed back about? (tick all that apply)

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* 3. How easy was it to:

  Easy Some challenges Difficult Was unable to do this
Identify the appropriate patients 
Audit the recommended number of patients (5 a week)
Find the required information for the audit

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* 4. How relevant did you feel the audit questions were to the standards?

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* 5. Do you feel the data collected was useful for quality improvement in your ED?