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The Ultimate Away Day: Club Application Form

Welcome to The Ultimate Away Day, a campaign by the County FA and THINK! that’s all about getting footballers and their mates safely to those important away days.

This is a chance for your club to get involved in a national campaign and meet some very special guests along the way!

Young male drivers aged 17-24 are four times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than drivers aged 25 and over, and are more likely to crash with male passengers of a similar age in the car.

That’s why the County FA are partnering with THINK! We will be teaming up with groups of young players (18-24 year olds) and following them on their journey to an away game, with the chance to meet some very special footie guests along the way.

This is where we need your help: are you part of a grassroots club? Would you like to get involved in an exclusive opportunity to feature your club and players in a national campaign?

If so, fill out some important details below about your club and we’ll be in touch.

Submissions close Sunday 23rd February 2020*.

*We will be selecting four clubs to take part in the campaign. Filming will take place on a specified day between March and May 2020. The creative agency 23red will be in touch with applicants to provide more details once submissions close.

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* 6. If you are a player or parent/ guardian, have you consulted with your club manager/coach about taking part?

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* 7. How many players in the squad can/ do drive to games (18-24 year old age group)?

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* 8. Do you have any driving convictions?

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* 9. I consent to the above data being used during the club recruitment process and am over the age of 18

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