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Important Information.
Please only complete this form if you have read the project specification and fully understand what is required.
  • Expression of Interest forms will be considered by an independent Decision Making Panel.
  • Any organisations deemed by the panel as potentially suitable for consideration as a Provider will be required to provide evidence of the statements provided in this form prior to being contracted to deliver.
Background to RIC Compassionate Communities’ Community Development and Volunteering in CP5.

Compassionate Communities is part of a suite of projects delivering across central Bradford where significant health inequalities exist across communities and where the gap in how long people will live is stark. People in these most deprived areas of our district are living with more ill health and dying earlier.

Compassionate Communities (CC) is part of the Reducing Inequalities in Communities (RIC) programme. This is a movement of people and projects who are working together to reduce health inequalities and close the health gap in central Bradford; so that everyone can live healthier, happier and longer lives.
RIC Compassionate Communities Community Development and Volunteering Compassionate Communities CD/VC (CC CD/VC) team delivers across Community Partnerships 4/5 and 6.

The new delivery partner would be working closely with the existing providers and their Project Managers:
CP4 – Girlington Centre – Project Lead for CD
CP6 – Bradford Trident – Project Lead for VC
The CC CD/VC team are an integral part of Central Locality Integrated Care Services (CLICS).

CLICS also provides Community Connectors (Social Prescribers) who work closely with GPs, Advanced Practitioners and practice-based staff to support individuals to link into community-based assets.  This means our CC CD/VC are the lynch pin to the success of CLICS.

The team increases awareness of existing community assets, supports local grassroots VCS organisations to develop further resources to build community resilience. It upskills community members through health and wellbeing training to be part of creating new services to address gaps and to deliver bespoke answers to issues faced by patients referred to CC CD/VC and community members. 
Submission date
All Expressions of Interest for this contract must be submitted by 12 noon, 1st July 2022

Selection of Delivery Providers
All expressions of interest will be scrutinised by an independent Decision Making Panel. This panel is comprised of cross-sector personnel with experience and understanding of:

  • Community Development practice
  • The underlying principles and aims of Community Development practice
  • Volunteering (strategic and operational)
  • Knowledge of the RIC, its aims and objectives
  • All submitted Expressions of Interest must achieve a total minimum score of 75% across the scoring matrix to be taken forward to the final Decision Making Panel.
  • We are looking for 1 provider for the delivery of this contract, though we are happy to consider partnership working

The Decision Making Panel will meet on Wed 6th July and projects will be informed if they have been selected as a Delivery Provider within a week.

Project Commencement
Selected Delivery Providers must be able to commence delivery by the 1st of August 2022, though consideration will be given if TUPE is enacted. We would therefore ask you to consider whether you have the capacity to accommodate such a quick turn around before applying.

Delivery Period
1st August 2022 - 31st March 2024

Contract Value
1st August 2022 - 31st March 2023: based on a per annum pro rata rate of the full yearly value
1st April 2023 - 31st March 2024: based on full year value.
For total contract value and payment schedule please contact Kerrie-Lee Barr:

As this contract is subject to novation, TUPE requirements may be enacted, please ensure you understand the implications of this before applying.

Necessary documentation
Successful Expressions of Interest will be asked to demonstrate they can meet any and all documentary conditions such as adequate Public and Employer's Liability insurance. 

Further information about all the above information can be found in the Contract Specification on The VCS Alliance website:
Expression of interest to deliver RIC Compassionate Communities’ Community Development and Volunteering in CP5 - The VCS Alliance
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