Thank you for submitting a case study to support the RIC/CLICS programme. This case study form can be used across all RIC work. The information will be shared with commissioners as part of regular monitoring and generally to tell the stories of the people you support.

Please give details of a case you have identified which tells us something important or interesting about support provided via the RIC programme.

This case might show where the support was really effective, or where improvements could be made to the programme - it is all useful! It might also help with future planning.

Please choose a client who you think provides a useful, or typical illustration of the people who receive your support. This illustration should help others to gain insight into your work and the people receiving support.

Next are a few questions which will provide some useful details about the client in this case study.

Please remember: Your client should remain anonymous, so please ensure their identity is not revealed in the information you provide.

Question Title

* 2. Which organisation are you from?

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* 3. What is your full name?

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* 5. What is your email address?

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* 6. What name would you like to use for your client? E.g. James, Safeena, Mo.

NOTE: Any name is OK, so long as this is not be their real name!