The Reading Agency is a national charity empowering people to transform their lives through reading. We host the UK’s largest network of reading groups on Reading Groups for Everyone and we want to make sure we provide useful support and exciting offers, and encourage reading groups to become active members of our reading community. To do so, we want to find out more about all of the great reading group activity that is currently taking place around the country.

If you are involved with reading groups for adults (age 16 and over), please tell us all about your group. Complete this survey by 28 August for a chance to win £100 worth in National Book Tokens for your reading group.

If you are involved with more than one group, please think about just one of your groups when completing the survey. You could complete additional surveys for your other groups and other members of your group can also respond to this survey. If you know other people who are a member of a reading group or book club, please do pass this survey on to them.

Your responses will be kept anonymous and handled according to GDPR.