The Archbishops’ Commission on Reimagining Care wants to hear from a wide range of people and organisations about their experiences of care and support now and how you would like this to be different in the future.

We are interested in a wide range of perspectives including from:

·       those who draw on formal services

·       unpaid carers, and the relatives and friends of those who draw on care and support

·       those who work in the care sector and the voluntary and community sector

·       churches of all denominations and other faith communities

·       those who commission, provide and regulate formal services

·       community groups and people who provide informal support

We are very keen to listen to seldom heard voices and to help people to tell us about their experiences. There are alternative ways you can contribute if you wish to share information in a different way (please email for more information). We are not looking at the care and support of children and you must be over 18 to complete this survey.

Whether you are an individual or answering on behalf of an organisation, please respond to as many questions as you are able. Please note that the form will take at least 30 minutes to complete and you cannot save and return, so you may want to keep the tab open on your computer if you do not intend to complete in one go. We wish to express our sincere thanks in advance for taking the time to share your insights and ideas with us.
Privacy and Confidentiality

The Commission respects the confidentiality of all the information that you provide in this questionnaire. All the information you provide to the Commission will be kept securely and in compliance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018. This requires us to follow data protection principles to ensure that the information you give is used fairly, lawfully, takes into account people’s rights and is kept safely and securely.  Your personal details will never be shared with anyone outside the Commission team, and individuals and organisations will not be named personally in Commission reports and presentations unless you or your organisation have specifically given permission to be identified by name. 

The information provided will be analysed by members of the Commission and researchers working with them and will be treated confidentially at all times. When we have analysed all the information collected during the life of the Commission we will prepare reports about the findings for the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. We may draw on information you have provided about specific programmes and initiatives if you have given permission for this, and the Commission will always attribute the contributions appropriately. The findings may then be shared more widely through presentations and articles. Permissions will be sought if any individual or any organisation who have provided evidence to the Commission are to be named.

The information you give to the Commission will be archived securely after publication of the findings. You can find out more about the Commission's privacy policy here.

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* I consent to the use of my data as described in the Privacy Notice and voluntarily agree to participate in this survey.