Coach Bursary: application overview

The Sport Birmingham Coach Bursary Scheme has been developed to provide young people living in Birmingham, the opportunity to upskill and improve their future employability prospects. Additionally, the bursary will help to assist with increasing workforce capacity and diversity across the city.

In order to apply for a Sport Birmingham Coach Bursary, the learner must fit within the following criteria:

- Aged 18 – 25
- Currently residing in Birmingham
- Lower socio-economic groups

In particular, we welcome applications from the following audiences:  

- Young people not currently in education or training
- People with disabilities and/or long-term health conditions
- Diverse ethnic communities 
- Women and Girls 
- Lower socio-economic groups
- Community organisations who are interested in delivering a Commonwealth Games Sport.

What do we not fund?
  • Retrospective qualifications (training must begin after an application has been approved)
  • Funding over the amounts specified below
  • Transport or accommodation costs

Conditions of Bursary 

Successful applicants will be required to complete the following before payment is made (payment is made to the club/ organisation not individual coach):  

  • Applications must come through a constituted organisation and applied for on behalf of the individuals.   
  • Within the organisation there must be a named person who will provide ongoing support to the individual completing the training and be Sport Birmingham’s main point of contact. 
  • Provide proof of course payment.  
  • Please note: any funds will be paid directly to the supporting organisation or course provider, not the learner.
  • Training must be booked by the end of March 2022, but doesn’t need to have been completed by then.

Funding Support 

The coach bursary can cover 100% of course costs up to a maximum of:
  • Activator Course - £150.00
  • Level 1 Course - £200.00
  • Level 2 Course - £300.00
  • Level 3 Course – £400.00

How to Apply

Please complete the Coach Bursary Application.

All applications will be reviewed by the coach bursary panel on a fortnightly basis. Applicants will be notified directly along with the club / organisation if they have been successful. Payment will be made once all the conditions of the bursary have been met.

Application will close on 28 February 2022. Applications will be reviewed by the coach bursary panel on a fortnightly basis. Please note that the outcome of an application is at the discretion of the Coach Bursary panel.