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Thank you for registering to attend the Conference for Senior Public Leadership: Violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence is everyone’s business.  Please complete this short survey prior to attending. 

The Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015 creates a statutory duty for Responsible Authorities to prioritise protection, provision of support and the prevention of violence against women in all that they do. 

The conference will set out leadership responsibilities under the Act, makes the case for creating a whole workforce approach to early identification and response, and to embedding violence against women prevention across every organisation’s core business.  Leaders and senior officers will share examples of how creating a culture change in our public services can be achieved, so that violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence is no longer tolerated in Wales. 

This conference will build on the work of the Strengthening Leadership Series and resources for Group 6 of the National Training Framework (more information is available here: National Training Framework - Guidance for Professionals).