Brighton & Hove Culture Alliance: Culture Ally Equalities & Diversity Form

BHCA: Culture Ally Equalities Monitoring

Please help us to find out more about the people who get involved in our work by completing this anonymous questionnaire.

Your answers will not be stored with your name or contact details. Please tick the boxes that apply to you.

Thank you for your time.
2.Is your gender identity different to the sex you were assumed to be at birth?
3.Sexual Orientation
6.Cultural Heritage
7.Do you have experience of the UK Asylum Process?
8.What type of school did you go to and what is your highest qualification?
9.What was the highest level of academic qualification of your parents/care givers?
10.Think about your parent(s) or other primary caregiver when you were around 14 years old. What did this parent/caregiver do?