Thank you so much for taking part in our Samoyed census! 

Our Dog Crush feature in Dogs Today magazine takes a fresh look at a different breed of dog each month. We are working our way through our own personal 'dog crushes' and trying to find new and accurate information by asking pet owners direct. Dogs that we have day dreamed of owning but still haven't due to a number of boring practical reasons. These features are designed to give others who have a similar love a visual feast and a fascinating and unique insight into what it is like to live with the object of our affection.

You can skip questions you don't like or don't have an opinion on but your help in compiling this is most appreciated.

At the end we ask if you would like to leave your address so we can send 50 people who completed this survey a one off magazine to say thank you. If you don't want to be put in the draw please just skip it. We will email everyone who leaves an email address details of how to order the edition containing the Samoyed dog crush article. Thank you again, do grab a cup of tea to keep you going.

This feature is planned for our July edition out the second Thursday in June.

Beverley Cuddy