Admiral Slots Self Exclusion Form

What is a self-exclusion?

A self-exclusion allows people who think they may have a problem with gambling help to stop. It allows them to self-exclude from a venue for a minimum of 6months, which means for six months they will not be allowed within their chosen Admiral venue and any other Adult Gaming Centre (AGC) venue within a 1km radius. 

If a customer wishes to extend the 1km radius this is also possible and is explained in more detail in the form.

What happens when I have made a self-exclusion agreement?

A member of our compliance team will be in touch with you directly via your chosen method. They will discuss all the details you have provided within the form and confirm your self-exclusion has been processed. You will then be removed from all marketing and promotional lists. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will be excluded from 3rd party AGC operators or any of the following: bookies, casinos and/or high street bingo. We would advise you to make direct contact with these operators. 

What do I do if I change my mind?

Once your self-exclusion has been processed, we are unable to remove this. You will be excluded from all nominated venues for the length of time requested in this form. Your self-exclusion will remain on the local venue system 6 months post the end date. During this 6-month period you have the following options:

1)      You can make a positive step to return to playing by visiting the venue and discussing a return to gambling with the venue manager. Once this discussion has taken place and our venue manager agrees that you can return to gambling there is a 24-hour cooling off period before you can gamble again.

2)      You can extend your self-exclusion for up to 12 months by contacting:

3)      If you do nothing your self -exclusion details will automatically be removed 6 months post the end date and you will no longer be considered as excluded.

Before you start, please make sure you have a recent photo of yourself and a photo of a form of ID as you will be asked to upload these during the process. The ID can be either your passport (open at the personal details page), Driving Licence, or recent utility bill or bank statement showing your name and address.

This form will take you approximately 10minutes to complete
14% of survey complete.