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Hanson UK has applied to update planning consents to reopen Westdown quarry and expand it onto 100 acres of farmland. The planning applications are expected to go to Somerset County Council’s Regulation Committee in the summer. But it’s not too late to have your say.

If consented,  Westdown Quarry would be worked at the same time as Whatley and Torr (two of the biggest quarries in Europe), Bartlett’s and Halecombe quarries, all in a very small area, with likely significant impacts on local communities, nature and the environment. Hanson’s plans will generate a probable 33% increase in quarry HGV traffic, very likely leading to dust and higher particulate emissions.

The new mega quarry would mean the eventual extraction of 160 million tonnes of carbon-rich rock, making it impossible for Somerset County Council to achieve its ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030. Westdown quarry is also next to the ancient Asham Wood- a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Area of Conservation and home to many vulnerable and protected species of animals which would be affected by the plans.

We are an umbrella campaign group, made up of local groups and people. We would like to hear what you think so please complete this short survey which will help shape our next steps.

Please complete by 6pm on 30th of June 2022.
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