NHNN Neurometabolic Laboratory User survey 2023

Neurometabolic User survey

The Neurometabolic Unit welcomes feedback from our users and appreciates your time taken to complete this survey.   Please click on OK.
1.Do you know that you can get updates on our lab service in the lab news dropdown section of our website?
2.Overall how would you rate the quality of our service in the past year?
3.How useful do you find our user manual on our website? A copy of our user manual can be found in the Useful links panel on our website.
4.How would you rate the quality  of the advice provided by our laboratory on complex clinical metabolic cases or complex laboratory scenarios?  Please base your judgement on our laboratory reports or through individual discussions with laboratory staff.
5.Please indicate which test you request from us.  A copy of our user manual, containing our test repertoire, can be found in the Useful links panel on our website.
6.How would you rate the turn around time of your sample?
7.How would you rate the contents of the reports issued by the laboratory?
8.The Neurometabolic Unit is committed to sustainability and would like to develop more bloodspot based methods to reduce patient transport for phlebotomy.  Are there any other highly specialised tests that you would like us to develop onto dried bloodspots?
9.A question for laboratory users only:  We are moving to a paperless system of providing laboratory reports to improve safety and speed of report delivery.  Our lab LIMS can automatically e-mail your report to a specific e-mail address as soon as the result has been authorised by our laboratory (auto-emailing).  Please could all laboratories provide a generic laboratory email address that is checked regularly and can be used for this purpose.
10.Are there any additional comments you would like to provide
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