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We are the Youth Policy Development Group, a team of 30 young people aged 16-25, working directly with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to represent and articulate the voice of England’s Youth to politicians at the highest levels of government, in order mainstream youth voice across all national decisions.

At this crucial stage, we need your help.

Have your say on the following questions, and we will make sure to articulate YOUR ideas directly to government officials in a roundtable discussion on the 25th of January.

Example answers are provided for each question.  Feel free to expand on one of these answers, or make up your own!

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* 1. What is your full name?

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* 2. How old are you?
(NOTE:  As long as you are 25 years' old and under, you can answer the poll!)

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* 3. Why is it important to guarantee children’s access to adequate housing?

For example, think about how having an adequate place to live would affect children's development, or whether all children should have a right to an adequate place to live in Britain, among other reasons!

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* 4. What can be done to reduce child poverty?

For example, think about what can be done online, how the government could get involved, and what individual people can do!

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* 5. During the coronavirus pandemic, what do you think the government should prioritise to ensure equal access to education?

For example, to make sure that all students receive an equally good education, portable technology such as iPads could be made more available for more disadvantaged students to take home.  There could also be opportunities for students to self-assess the learning they've lost during COVID-19.

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* 6. How can disadvantaged children be supported to ensure they have the same outcomes in education as all children?

For example, when thinking about helping all students get the grades they deserve, there could be more check-ins with tutors made available, or mandated homework clubs for students not achieving their target grades.

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* 7. What is your email address, for us to contact you about future surveys?

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