FSC’s global vision for responsible forest management, articulated through our international Principles and Criteria, is at the heart of everything we do for the world’s forests. However, that vision has to be broad enough to apply to every type of forest in every country, and FSC UK has identified the need for a clearer vision for UK forests to guide us at the country level.

We believe that a clear vision for UK forests will help us to be more impactful in our work, more relevant and powerful in our advocacy and communication, and better able to inspire everyone in the UK to strive towards a common vision of Forests For All Forever.

Please help us to shape our vision by sharing your views!

In this survey, we will ask you to share your vision for UK forests. We will first ask specifically about themes identified through initial engagement with FSC members and stakeholders and your ideas on the format of further engagement. We encourage any response, please be as detailed or brief as you wish. All questions are optional.

Please note that we will not share your responses with anyone, and you may remain anonymous if you wish.