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Our campaign uniting optometry against discrimination

The AOP's Leaders commitments to inclusion outline a specific set of actions that business leaders or owners will take to foster healthy and safe practice environments.

1.       We will make standards of behaviour clear to everyone promoting a culture of personal responsibility for treating people with respect and dignity and adopting a zero tolerance approach to discrimination
2.       We will actively encourage employees to highlight issues about inequality and to propose change
3.       We will make it clear how staff can raise a grievance if discrimination happens and deal with any grievances fairly
4.       We will provide suitable training to ensure people understand what equality, diversity and inclusion are and how to respond to issues including education around unconscious bias
5.       We will celebrate diversity within our organisation raising awareness of the importance of different views, perspectives and ideas for best business performance 
6.       We will have clear and up-to-date policies and processes that promote equality, diversity and inclusion and ensure all staff are treated fairly
7.       We sign-up to implementing the AOP Guidance for employers.  
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