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Teignbridge Draft Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 1) Consultation

Thank you for deciding to participate in this consultation on the Draft Teignbridge Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 1) and its supporting documents.  By doing so you have the opportunity to help shape the ‘rules’ around how new development is managed in the future by providing us with your views and comments.

The policies (‘rules’) in our new Local Plan (Part 1) set out how development should take place.  It doesn’t look at where development could take place. Sites for new homes, employment land and renewable energy schemes will be consulted on as part of the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan and the Teignbridge Local Plan (Part 2) which will come forward for consultation at a later date.

How to give us your views

The questionnaire below is divided into chapters based on the Local Plan (Part 1).  You can comment on each individual policy by either placing comments in the adjacent box, in the general chapter comment box or by uploading a supporting document file at the end of the questionnaire. Sections for commenting on the supporting documents are also provided.

How we protect your data

Any personal data provided will not be published or shared with any other person or organisation outside of Teignbridge District Council except as required by the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended or through subsequent legislation) or without your prior written consent. All personal data provided will be held on a secure database and used for planning policy consultation purposes until the refreshed Teignbridge Local Plan 2020-2040 has completed all the regulatory processes required for its preparation (estimated to be before the end of 2022) after which any personal data will be deleted. Consultation responses (excluding personal data) made during Teignbridge Local Plan 2020-2040 process form an important element of the evidence base and will be retained until a subsequent Teignbridge Local Plan has completed all the regulatory processes required for its preparation (estimated to be before the end of 2028).

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