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It’s time to vote for your favourite photo gear and services in the UK’s most prestigious awards!

The equipment at our disposal nowadays is beyond incredible.

Manufacturers, whether they produce cameras and lenses or filters and monitors, exist by pushing boundaries, innovating and striving for better.

It’s amazing how products are continually developing. The perfect camera simply doesn’t exist, so you know R&D teams will never stop working on improvements, but you might think products such as bags, filters and tripods have reached their limit of development. That’s plainly not the case – we continue to see clever, cutting-edge designs and innovations.

The Photography News Awards were introduced to give you, the readers, a chance to recognise and reward excellence in products and services. Our extensive range of categories covers the whole spectrum of photographic kit and services, and in each category the PN team of imaging experts has produced a shortlist of candidates we feel deserve to be considered. The rest is up to you; the fate of the nominees is in your hands.

You can select a winner in every single category, but if you would prefer to stick with the ones you’re comfortable with, that’s fine too.

All votes must be received by 4 December 2023. Get picking!
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