Greenfield Cricket Club  2024 annual survey

1.Please confirm how you are affiliated with the club
2.Do you think the current level of membership payment represents good value for money ?
3.We are looking for members to volunteer some of  their time to aid the smooth running of the club. If this is something of interest to you can you please respond below with your response and leave your  contact details at the end of the survey.
4.Are you able to support our junior coaches / teams with any specific help?
5.Are there any recommendations you would like to make to improve our junior section?  We are keen to encourage greater attendance and to develop a more diverse coaching team
6.Communication :  Please state your preferred method of communication for GCC to broadcast match information, membership details, training times etc
7.Club hire/ fundraising /social events:
8.We are a community club with strong links to our village . What in your opinion can be done to improve these links?
9.Please let us know what you feel is a priority area for the club to improve its facilities
10.Thank you for completing this survey and for your continued support.Please leave your name and email address