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The 11th British Muslim Awards will take place next year in Manchester at the end of January 2024, insha'allah 

We want to recognise and celebrate the contributions that Muslims make to a prosperous Great Britain. We want to find the gems that are under the radar and help promote their achievements to a wider audience. Over the years we have some great winners and we are confident the finalists and  winners of 2023 will play an even greater role in representing the British Muslim community.

Over the years we have had some amazing finalists and winners from across the UK that are making a real difference in so many ways, industries and communities  


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Please note; for a business or individual to be eligible as a finalist for these awards, they must have been trading or in post for a minimum of 12 months. Our team will continue due diligence checks on all finalists after they have been announced. The finalist list issued on the day of the event will be conclusive and you may be removed prior to that if the information you provide is not valid.