This survey is to be completed by any parent who has a child with eczema. It should not take longer than 20 minutes.
This survey is for parents of children who have eczema related sleep disturbance. This is eczema that causes your child difficulty sleeping, staying asleep or falling asleep. The survey includes questions about your child's eczema, sleep and how this impacts your child and your family’s lives.
We are a team of researchers from King’s College London University and Southampton University, and we are performing a study called SLEEP (Supporting children's sLeep in those with EczEma Programme).
SLEEP is a study to help us improve our understanding of how eczema affects sleep, with the goal to improve the care given to patients. Sleep disturbance is very common in children who have eczema. Studies have shown this to negatively impact the quality of life of the children and their family, therefore it is important we improve our understanding to develop better treatments.
Please note if you have more than one child with eczema answer the questionnaire with one of the children in mind. You may complete the questionnaire more than once in relation to your other child or children with eczema.
If you complete all of the questionnaire, you have the option of entering a prize draw to win an iPad. If you would like to be entered into the prize draw please provide your email address when asked at the end of the questionnaire. Please note this is a separate question to providing your email for further research and only appears when you complete the survey. The emails will be added to a specific spreadsheet only for the purpose of performing the prize draw and will be deleted following this.
Thank you for your time!

Question Title

* 1. Does your child have eczema which has been diagnosed by a doctor?