Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form

Please submit this form with your application form.

We are very grateful to you for taking the time to complete our equality and diversity monitoring form. We will not use this information to assess your application.

As a charity reliant on support from statutory and funding bodies, it is vital that we are able to report as true a picture of who we’re in touch with as possible.

In compliance with GDPR, South East Dance will treat all information contained within this form as confidential and anonymous, and use it for monitoring purposes only. Some of this anonymised data will be shared with funders and other stakeholders to report on our activity. This data will always be anonymised as a statistic (i.e. 40% of audiences came from East Sussex).
You can read South East Dance's full privacy policy here.

This information will not be used to select groups or soloists.

If you have any questions please contact the staff member who sent this to you or email hello@southeastdance.org.uk

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* 3. What is the postcode where the group or solo applicant is based?