Submission of nominations for posts, motions and amendments to rule

The AGM is open to all members and its function is to allow an opportunity for members to receive reports from Branch Officers on the performance of the branch in the previous year, including the campaigns that we have been involved with, our services to members, the branch accounts and our performance on recruitment. Members have an opportunity to ask questions about reports that are submitted including the financial accounts of the branch.

Motions / Amendments to Branch Rules

As a member you are entitled to submit motions and amendments to branch rules to the AGM so that they can be debated. For a motion to be competent the subject must be relevant to the functions of the branch and be submitted in time for its inclusion on the agenda of the AGM.  The final date for motions or rule amendments to be submitted is 10am on Friday 25th March 2022.  Submission should be made using the form on this webpage.

Election of Branch Officers and Representatives

The AGM also endorses the election of Branch Officers and Representatives for the forthcoming year 2022/23.  You will find a list of Branch Officers and types of representatives, including further details of the roles and responsibilities, on the following pages and also on the branch website (\agm ).

Any full member of the union can stand for election to any of the Branch Officer or Representative position, and we would urge all members to consider becoming more active in the branch and perhaps considering taking a workplace contact role in the first instance.

Nominations should be made through this page and received no later than 10am on Friday 25th March 2022.

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