Vifor’s Kidney Newsletter: Issue 2 

The following questions are about your use of social media in the field of nephrology. The purpose of this Vifor-initiated questionnaire is to investigate how nephrologists have used social media over the last 6 months, and their opinion on it as a tool in nephrology. Results will be disseminated in a future issue of the Kidney Newsletter. We would highly appreciate if you could take the time to answer the questionnaire honestly.

Please note that, by taking part in this questionnaire, you are consenting to your answers being collated and combined with the answers of other healthcare professionals and presented in a future issue of the newsletter. All answers and data will remain anonymous.
Note: In this questionnaire, the term ‘social media’ includes, but is not limited to, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. Social media-based tools include, but are not limited to, blogs, tweetorials, videos, visual abstracts and podcasts.

Question Title

* Use of social media

  Never Rarely Occasionally Regularly
1. How often do you use social media?
2. How often do you use Twitter? (if never, skip to Q5)
3. Do you participate in the Twitter-based online journal club, The Nephrology Journal Club (NephJC)?
4. Tweetorials are series of grouped multimedia tweets which aim to educate around a particular topic. How often do you engage with tweetorials?
5. How often do you engage with social media-based learning initiatives, such as ‘NephMadness’ or ‘Nephro World Cup’?
6. ‘Life as a Nephrologist’, ‘Freely Filtered’ and ‘The Curbsiders’ are some examples of nephrology and general medical podcasts. How often, if ever, do you listen to these or other medical podcasts?
7. How regularly do you attend online webinars or other interactive live video events?
8. How regularly do you use social media to keep updated on upcoming scientific events and congresses?
9.How often have you used social media to gain information or insights from a congress or event which you were unable to attend?
10. How often do you engage in scientific debates with other healthcare professionals on social media?
11. How often does social media expose you to new research?

Question Title

* Opinons on social media:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither disagree or agree Agree Strongly agree
12. Social media is an everyday part of your professional life
13. Social media is a useful tool for connecting with colleagues
14. Social media is a useful tool for the dissemination of publications and other educational materials
15. Social media is a useful tool to engage with nephrology societies
16. Social media is a useful tool to engage with scientific meetings/events
17. Social media has revolutionised medical education and medical discussions in nephrology
18. Information shared on social media is largely inaccurate, due to the lack of formal peer review and the unrestricted nature of content
19. Social media use by nephrologists compromises patient privacy and confidentiality
20.  Every academic or health institution should have their own social media policy or guideline
Diniz H, Melilli E. Nefrologia 2020;40:597–607;
Stevens KI, et al. Clin Kidney J 2021;14:2142–50.
Date of preparation: April 2022

Question Title