Some very short questions about your Live Literature sessions

Thank you for filling in this very short survey!

Please fill in this survey within six weeks of holding your final session. Please be aware you must complete this survey as a condition of receiving sessions through Live Literature. 

For all enquiries about this survey email 

Question Title

* 1. Literature application reference

Question Title

* 2. About you

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* 3. Please briefly describe how you used your author session(s).

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* 4. Did your session plan(s) change from the original application?

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* 5. Would you agree with the following statements?

  Agree Mostly Agree Disagree
Audiences enjoyed the event/s.
The event/s helped us to reach new audiences.
We need financial assistance from Live Literature to run these event/s. 
We want to hold more author event/s in the future.

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* 6. Please rate the following.

  Great Good Some problems Not good N/A
Online application process
Information and support from Scottish Book Trust
Online directory of authors
Invoicing and payment

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* 7. What would you like the Live Literature programme to work on next? Would you like us to change anything about the programme?

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey. 

Scottish Book Trust would love to see examples of work produced from Live Literature events or examples of press/internet features about the event. We would love to hear from you if you feel others could learn from your project e.g. being part of a case study of successful events and projects.

Please email if you would like to send in additional material or if you have any questions about this survey.