GOSH Petition

Petition regarding Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) planning application 2022/2255/P

We, the undersigned strongly object to the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) planning application 2022/2255/P and call for it to be rejected by Camden Council and/or called in for a Public Enquiry.
The local community have supported GOSH’s constant building works for decades.
But this latest proposal goes too far:

- It would destroy a historically significant area with a vast building that completely overwhelms the street and blocks light from its neighbours in perpetuity.
- It would damage the environment (including dangerous air quality, noise, vibration, traffic, water main and plant noise) during and after construction.
- It would endanger the health and safety of everyone in the area during and after construction noting thousands of children, cyclists and pedestrians use these small narrow residential streets on daily basis and that these narrow roads feature many dangerous tight and blind corners.
- It would make the lives of residents a misery for years, and damage or destroy local businesses.
We also note:

- GOSGH admit they have not properly considered other local/national sites.
- Even at the present site, GOSH could still move proposed new facilities to their next “Phase 5” development site, which is adjacent, so that all the medical facilities could still be provided - without the disastrous effects on the local community.
- GOSH have not provided any independent evidence that their plan represents the best use of scarce NHS/charity resources, vs decentralised investments at other NHS children’s hospitals.

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