This is your baseline audit for the first year and your annual audit thereafter. we will send your audit back to you. if you want help, please contact us at

There is no one framework or model that suits all education settings around the world; that can be said of all education initiatives. However, there are similarities and some emerging evidence. We at SEEd want to find out what approaches are being taken, what is working and what is not.

There are 5 generic areas of whole institutional approaches to education for sustainability. They are:

-       governance/policy/management

-       Curriculum, teaching and learning

-       Campus and facilities

-       Community, partnership, outreach and communication

-       Research, action research

To help you further please read the Backgrounder document on the SEEd website.

If you are answering on behalf of a network with variable practice - please consider adding 'best' and 'just starting practice' in the comments boxes, or complete the survey again for different types of whole institutional practices - and please add a note explaining who you are filling the survey in for. Alternatively send the survey to two or three good examples in your network.


The questions are quick and simple – it should take about 15 minutes to complete. You can go back and complete unfinished answers throughout.

Thank you

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