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Childnet will be developing new secondary Digital Leader training modules as part of our ‘Thrive Online’ project. This project aims to make online safety education more inclusive and accessible for young people with special educational needs. As part of this project, we will also be developing resources for parents and carers and teachers who work with learners with special educational needs.

The resources and modules created within 'Thrive Online' will explore the topics of Healthy Relationships, Digital Wellbeing and Online Pornography.

Your feedback on the current Digital Leader training modules and your experiences of broaching these topics with your pupils would be greatly appreciated and will directly inform the module development. This survey is split into three parts; questions about your school and Digital Leader team, questions about your team's experience working through the training modules (if they have started the training), and questions about the new module topics.  
●   The results of this survey may be used in research reports and to develop educational resources for educators, parents/carers and young people with special educational needs. Any quotes used will remain anonymous. 

●   Participation in this study is completely voluntary and all data is confidential. The data will be held on a secure password protected database for five years and only the project researchers will have access to it.    

●   All data will be stored and processed according to current Data Protection Legislation (i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation).

We really appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. It should take no more than 20 minutes. If at any time you would like to leave the survey you can do so. If you have any questions about this survey or how Childnet will use the data please email

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