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Levator ani muscle morphology and function in women with obstetric anal sphincter injury

Learning objectives
Upon completion of this activity, the participant will be better able to:

-Determine initial treatment plans for women with prolapse or incontinence symptoms

-Assess risk factors for major levator ani muscle avulsions in women with obstetric anal sphincter injuries

-Discuss the clinical implications of major levator ani muscle avulsion for a woman with obstetric anal sphincter injury

Question Title

* 1. The recommended first-line treatment for pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence symptoms is…

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* 2. The common risk factors of obstetric anal sphincter injury and levator ani muscle avulsion include…

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* 3. According to the study results which of the following factors have an independent association with major levator ani muscle avulsions.

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* 4. Which of the following statements is true regarding the results of this study:

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