Welcome to Daden's Data Visualisation survey. We are a company specialising in using immersive worlds and virtual reality technology for data visualisation, education and training. In 2012 we released Datascape, one of the world’s first general purpose 3D immersive data visualisation applications. We are now getting ready to release our 2nd generation application – Datascape2XL, which allows you to plot and interact with over 15 million data points in a 3D space, and view them with either a conventional PC screen or an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

In order to inform our work we have created this survey to examine the current "state of the market" in terms of what applications people are using for data visualisation, how well they are meeting needs, and what users want of a 3D visual analytics application. The survey builds on an earlier survey we did in 2012.

The survey can be completed anonymously, and any email or personally identifying details will be deleted prior to the analysis. We will be producing a survey report for public consumption, which you can sign up to receive at the end.

The aim of this survey is to understand current use of, and views on, data visualisation and visual analytics tools. We recognise that this definition can include a wide variety of different application types from simple Excel charts and communications orientated infographics to specialist financial, social media and even intelligence focussed applications. We hope that we have pitched this initial survey at the right level to get feedback from users from across the spectrum.

The survey consists of 8 pages (including this one) and 24 questions, and should take about 10 minutes to complete. Almost all questions are tick boxes for speed of entry, but feel free to add a text response at any time.

We thank you for your participation, and if you would like a copy of the results then please let us know on the last page.