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* 1. Carers who currently study for more than 21 hours per week cannot get Carer's Allowance. The Scottish Government is proposing changing this to allow carers who study full-time to access the new Carer's Assistance Payment that will replace Carer's Allowance in Scotland.

This will support carers in full-time education financially and also allow more carers to take up the option to study on a full-time basis.

Do you agree or disagree with the change that carers in full-time education will be able to get Scottish Carer's Assistance?

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* 2. Could you please share your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing that full-time students should get Carer's Assistance Payment?

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* 3. Do you have any other views you would like to share on the proposed payment of Carer's Assistance Payment to full-time students?

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